Things You Must Do to Become an Excellent Copy Editor

Copy editors are mostly employed by publishing companies, newspapers, writers, or business professionals who deal with text on their website in advertising or their fieldwork. Your job as an editor will be to go through the writing and then pick out errors in grammar, spelling, punctuation as well as finding sentences that are wrongly phrased.

Copy editor also must think of questions a reader may have that aren’t addressed in the text or to find potential loopholes in logical arguments and to make sure all those leaks are corrected. However, there are some factors that you need to look at so that you may get started in case you are interested in this kind of job.

You should not think that having a bachelors or any English course will get you a job. Many successful copy editors don’t have a degree at all. Academics never make good copy editors, they are made from experience and also good work history. A degree holding candidate should not make you feel like he is more qualified to land a job than you.

You may be tempted to jump right into freelance editing so that you may get some experience under your belt. You are not supposed to take that step. It’s tough to get an editing job with no experience, references, or samples as a freelance editor. Even if you luckily manage to land a copy editing job, a neophyte copy editor is more likely to make careless mistakes than an experienced one. A simple mistake when reviewing might reduce your possibilities of landing any future jobs, however, in freelance work, testimonials and references are necessary to have.

You should opt to first look for work as a copy editor in a nearby paper or in other different publications that are locally based. It is because a local job will let you be flexible in case the job seems to be fruitless on you or when you come to realize copy editing isn’t the type of job for you. Local newspapers often list jobs entry-level for copy editors so respond to them if you come across them, but if you don’t, give them a call. Experience is not overlooked by Local papers like those who only hire freelance editors. In many cases when hiring these copy editors, most local papers or publishers will set an exam where every applicant must pass in order to be considered for the job. A good copy editor doesn’t just edit for style and grammar. It is your job also to ensure that the facts mentioned in the text you’re editing are correct and meaningful.

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