Worst Racing Car Crashes

For a very long time the citizens of the American country have fallen in love with racing as a sport which began with the racing of animals such as horses and dogs and then later changed to the racing of motorcycle and cars as well. There has been a great advancement in competitive racing and this has drawn the attention of people from the world over who visit America in order to watch the highly famous motor racing sport.

Injuries may be present in the motor racing sport but they are not usually very serious in most of the cases. Over the years there have been a number of worst crashes in the motor racing industry which are listed below. There was one fatal crash in 1998 at JGTC, Fujie. There was a convergence of some of the best sports cars on amazing and popular race tracks by JGTC which is now commonly known as Super GT throughout the country of Japan. The fame of the motor racing event was brought about by the fact that amazing sports motor vehicles were used during the race. There were terrible weather conditions such as thick fog and intense downpour of rain during that race. This led to a series of events that caused crashing of three cars and one of the cars also caught fire.

Another fatal accident to ever happen in the history of competitive racing of the motor vehicle sport was recorded at San Marino Grand Prix in the year 1994. This happened to be the race that began the season in that year and a Brazilian driver was in the first position during the race as he had done in the first two races. There had been already two serious accidents that had taken place in the qualifying races. The second crash during the qualifying races had led to the death of one Austrian driver who lost control at a very high speed and crashed into a concrete wall. As a result, motor vehicle racing companies have ensured that there is adequate and proper safety precautions and procedures carried out in order to reduce or even eliminate the risks involved in motor vehicle racing competitions.

Another similar event happened at 24 hours of LeMans in the year 1955. One of the worst cases of motor vehicle sports racing accidents occurred in this place in the said year. Not only were the participants of this race affected by the crash that occurred but it also resulted in the death of some of the spectators during this race. The end result of the crash was the death of many people and the injury of approximately the same number. It was in the year 2001 that another serious accident involving racing motor vehicles was recorded at Daytona 500. This accident led to a serious injury to the head of one of the drivers as he slammed into a wall.